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Poem for Samson

Just thought i'd share a poem i wrote for my Nephew when he was born....

Hello little Samson and welcome to the world,
It can't be quite as comfy as the place you've just been curled,
It's a complicated place this planet where we live,
So here is some advice, to you, which I would like to give,

If you wish to Prosper, ensure you do not cheat,
You do not have to tolerate Lies and/or Deceit,
Be brave and bold when needed, and even if you're not,
Pretend to be, no one can tell, it's very hard to spot,

Fear not to say 'I'm Sorry', Admit if you don’t know,
Self-Admittal of your failings is the only way you grow,
Don’t waste time worrying what the future holds,
A problem's not a problem until it all unfolds,

Don't hold back ambition, chase each and every dream,
Every thunderous river, began as a mountain stream,
Never act in anger; it will just invoke regret,
Do not knowingly, or with intent, ever cause upset,

Pray not for things and items, crave not material Stuff,
But for wisdom, health and happiness, which themselves are quite enough,
Don't be reckless with the hearts of people that you meet,
With equal worth and with respect, granted to all you greet,

Do not be narrow-minded; always keep an open view,
There are others in the world with different thoughts and views to you,
Never deprive another of the hope they have inside,
It may be all that they have left, if you can then hope provide,

Never be the bully, look out for those you love,
Learn to read when a hug can replace the need to shove,
Treat all that you meet as you wish to be treated,
Be humble and honest and never conceited,

Don't be overpowering, but don't be a soft touch,
Respect is earned not given, but worth so very much,
Take the higher ground, the view's better by far,
Make sure you make a wish on each and every single Star,

Remember your manners, they cost not a thing,
And with them to others, simple happiness you can bring,
Remember the Compliments, Forget the insults,
In Exams do your best, think not just results,

Be respectful to your elders, you will not see it yet,
But one day it may be you that a youngster might upset,
There is no heart that you can't melt with that certain little Smile,
No challenge should be faced without a little charm, and a lot of style.

Smiles, they are infectious, infect all that you can,
They’re a universal language, around since time began,
Dance like no-ones watching, Sing like no-one hears,
Confidence achieves this state, as does several beers,

Now these are just a guideline, there’s still a lot to learn,
But I’ll be here should you need me, to allay any concern.

Uncle Rob